5 strategies for salvaging an unproductive day

Last Friday started well and then landed in a slump. I taught a three-hour class in the morning to a group from Europe. The students were engaged, and the time flew by. And when the class ended, I was wiped out. But, it was only 11 a.m., and I had a long list of things to finish before the weekend.

That got me thinking about the strategies you can use to get yourself back on track when you just aren’t motivated to work. Here are five that work pretty well:


My go-to when I hit a lull is some type of mild exercise. A 15-minute walk can be great. Park your phone on your desk, get outside and stroll. Look at the trees. Appreciate the design of cars that roll by. Listen to the noises of life. Remind yourself that there is a big world out there beyond your to-do list.


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