Suriname: No flights to and from Haiti for the time being

President Chan Santokhi, on the advice of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, International Business and International Cooperation, Justice and Police, Health, Transport, Communication and Tourism and Defense, has given instructions to keep flights between Haiti and Suriname until further notice. It has also been decided not to process visa applications from Haitians for the time being.

In recent weeks, the government has monitored the conditions under which Haitians travel to Suriname and stay here. On the basis of this monitoring, there are valid reasons to carefully consider the issuing of visas, the transport and the subsequent stay of the aforementioned travelers and to take relevant steps in this regard.

The relevant airlines, travel agents and all parties involved in the organization of these flights are urged not to plan and / or make preparations. Airlines and travel agents are also reminded again that only passengers who are in possession of all the necessary documents, including the documents in force within the framework of COVID-19 measures, may be admitted on board. If this is deviated from, sanctions will be imposed against such organizations, including all fines as well as bearing the costs of repatriation of the travelers.


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