‘S90 Skank’ toaster Big Youth has message of peace on his birthday

If legendary toaster Big Youth had one wish for his birthday today, it would be to see love, peace and harmony reign in Jamaica, and he is happy to use whatever platform is available to get his message to the world.

“Every day yuh wake up all yuh hear is pickney dead, woman dead, another youth dead. We need to just change our way and end the senseless, idiotic killing of one another. A [nuh] just oonu a kill onnu. Oonu kill oonu mother, oonu kill the teacher, the young girl. Stop, please. I would like onnu to live to see my age, 72, and I would like to live to see many more birthdays,” Big Youth said passionately.

The icon – who states defiantly that he has no dealings with anything with ‘con’ – has a song tin,tled What We Need Is Love, which is as relevant now as it was 20 years ago when he wrote it following an upsurge in violence. He is appealing to all who can, to give an encouraging word to those with whom they come in contact.

“I am not a politician; therefore, I don’t deal with blame. My legacy is righteousness, so I can only encourage those with evil thoughts to go to sleep and get a vision and leave the badness alone. As we ask Eternal Father to bless our land, those who can give a word, talk to your neighbour. We are begging for love. The police can’t do it, but we, the people, are the government, and we can do it. God bless those who have sense and those who don’t,” the S90 Skank toaster declared.


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