Jamaica: Police caution members to desist from circulating lewd images, videos

Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) personnel have been warned by the Police High Command that they will be prosecuted if they are found circulating lewd images and videos tarnishing the reputation of members of the force, in the present case, three senior female officers.

In a statement directed to all the staff on Sunday, the high command expressed “great concern about the extent to which members of the JCF are tarnishing the reputation of two female officers and a female Inspector by attaching their images and names to pornographic videos being circulated on social media.”

The high command said this is being done despite it being “clear that the individual in the video/images being circulated is not (any of) the policewomen.”

The police said the matter is being investigated.

Further, the high command warned that any member of the JCF “found circulating the images will be criminally charged under Section 9 of the Cybercrimes Act, in addition to (facing) the force’s internal disciplinary procedures.”


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