Dominican Republic: Consumers will be able to verify through the app if the rum they will drink was adulterated

The Dominican Association of Rum Producers (Adopron) reported that the rum production of its member companies is under the Fiscal Control and Marking System known as Traffic, a technological authentication and traceability tool that detects whether a product has been adulterated or falsified.

The executive director of the entity, Aguie Lendor, said that the Traffic stamp, which is placed on the top of the bottle, has security features that can be verified with the naked eye and others with tools or electronic devices, such as the case of the free App Review me.

“The printed Traffic stamp, placed on the top of the bottle, contains multiple security systems, including holograms that change color on movement and exposure to light of the bottle. The seal is a cigua palm, the national bird, that changes from brown to green and the map of the Dominican Republic changes from blue to red,” said Lendor.

The system also provides a free mobile application called “Check me,” which from a cell phone placed on the head of a bottle includes information that allows the consumer to determine whether the product is of legal origin or added the executive director of the product union.


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