Bahamas: Irate home owners want PM to honor $40,000 rebate pledge

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Irate homeowners in a Fort Charlotte subdivision have called on Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis to fulfill his pledge of a $40,000 rebate on the government homes they purchased and for the government to address structural issues with those residences.

Veron Pratt, president of the Ardastra Gardens Estates #3 homeowners association told Eyewitness News that the Prime Minister had yet to deliver on the rebate he referenced during debate on the proposed  83-acre Prospect Ridge Subdivision.

Pratt said, “The Prime Minister in the House of Assembly said that when he first came in  he found that the houses here in Ardastra #3 were priced at 182,000 and houses  were only valued at $142,000. He dropped the price from $182,000 to $142,000. We never got a rebate. The persons he may have been referring to are probably the last six houses constructed here.  There are 60 homes here. Only one is not occupied. Out of the 60 homes maybe six got the rebate. The rest of us have been fighting for over two years and never got it.”


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