Why P&G is asking you to change your habits to save the planet

A young girl named Louisa is a cosmic space traveler who has decided to make Earth her new home planet. She takes the opportunity to point out some new rules that will require us to adjust our consumption habits to save her newly adopted residence. Use cold water. Use less water and electricity. Use recycled plastic and less packaging. “Resource conservation is vital,” she says, as Dad turns off the tap while shaving. “My beautiful planet will be respected, which may require some sacrifices.”

It’s all very sweet. Between the cute little girl and the soundtrack, which is remarkably similar the theme song from Elf, the ad is aiming straight for the heartstrings and your conscience. This is a pillar of Procter & Gamble’s (P&G’s) new corporate campaign, “It’s Our Home.”

P&G, the world’s largest consumer packaged goods company, spent more than $7 billion on advertising in 2020. It knows the value of a well-crafted message. With “It’s Our Home,” the corporation wants to convey how it is doing its part to make its products more sustainable, while asking consumers to do their part as well. But will consumers take advice from a company that has pumped so much waste into the world?


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