This is how to keep your cool during an emotionally taxing conversation

At one point or another, we’ve all lost our cool at work. Perhaps you pulled an all-nighter to finish a project, only to feel distressed when it was criticized by a client. Or maybe a coworker failed to pull their weight and dumped their work on you at the last minute. These everyday workplace aggravations can make your blood boil.

But difficult conversations tend to be the most stressful of all. You know them well. These are the types of talks that require you to deliver bad news or negative feedback, make a demand such as asking for a raise or more responsibility, apologize for a mistake, or otherwise have a conversation that you dread.

When we anticipate or have difficult conversations, our emotions are often triggered. The mere thought of conflict and confrontation may cause you anxiety, especially if you are someone who considers themselves to be a kind-hearted peace-keeper. Even if you’re frustrated with the situation, you may fear upsetting your boss or disappointing your team, for example.


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