Suriname: Surfin NV still exists: Commotion in DNA

NV Surfin is still in the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KKF). This while President Chan Santokhi had previously promised in parliament to finalize the nullity declaration of NV Surfin. According to the president, this would happen before the further discussion of the new law for setting up the new NV Suriname National & Foreign Investment would take place.

During his speech in parliament, Rabin Parmessar, party leader of the NDP, presented a document with the date of April 13 to the parliament chairman showing that Surfin NV still exists. That has caused a commotion in the highest organ of the state.

NDP parliamentarian Melvin Bouva thinks it is a serious matter. He indicated that parliament should be a place where agreements are made and that must be fulfilled. It is demanded that the government first provide clarity before proceeding to the substantive treatment of the law.


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