Suriname: President: “Un n’e begi en un no e go leni”

President Chan Santokhi has pledged to introduce a school food and satchels project. He also promised that all educational institutions will have free Wi-Fi. The head of state spoke at a government press conference yesterday, supported by Vice President Ronnie Brunswijk.

At the press meeting, Santokhi spoke again about the debt burden, which he took over from the previous government. He said that if his predecessor sat longer, the country’s economy would be worse. The current government subsidizes SRD 120 million on gas and diesel.

The head of government said he had underestimated the country’s dire economic situation. The longer the government has been in office, the more things that come to light. For example, it appears that since 2012 the previous government has borrowed money from local banks to pay out salaries and subsidies.

The monetary reserves of the Central Bank of Suriname have also not been left untouched. Government properties have also been sold to pay out salaries. As a result, the debt burden has risen to US $ 4 billion up to and including July 2020. The country would be almost bankrupt if debts were paid with current revenues. “We would not have any finances to pay out salaries and subsidies.” There is a deficit in the 2021 budget.


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