Still no IRS stimulus check? The latest timeline, recent tax filers, SS, VA, and plus-up payments

Good news if you’re one of the millions of Americans who is still waiting for an Economic Impact Payment more than a month after the American Rescue Plan Act was passed. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) said yesterday it has distributed another 2 million payments, totaling about $3.4 billion.

This is the fifth large batch of stimulus checks to be distributed since they were authorized in early March. Here’s who is due to receive them:

  • Veterans Affairs (VA) beneficiaries: About 320,000 VA recipients who don’t normally file a tax return are in this batch.
  • Recent filers: If the IRS didn’t have enough information about you, but you recently filed a tax return, you could be in this new batch.
  • People whose economic situation changed in 2020: The batch includes new supplemental payments for taxpayers who got a smaller stimulus check based on 2019 tax information but now qualify for a larger one based on 2020 tax information. The IRS calls these “plus-up” payments. It sent out an additional 700,000 with this batch.
  • Social Security (SS) beneficiaries: People who receive SS benefits but didn’t file a tax return in 2020 or 2019 may be in this new batch

The IRS says most of the payments in this new batch were distributed via direct deposit, with a processing date of April 9 and a payment date of April 14. So if you’re still waiting for a stimulus check to show up, and you have direct deposit, check your bank account.


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