Dominican Republic: “Meat” made from vegetables and cassava cheese, a new export offering

Lidia Díaz and Braulio Villalona founded Plant Powered in 2017. Their idea of making food with plants has caught the attention of many people who see in this venture a window of help for their need to eat “vegan” meals, which replace meats.

They started with their savings. Their meats are made from mushrooms and soy, free of gluten. The cheeses are made with a synthesis of cassava, rice protein, and indigenous technology to give them texture.

According to Lidia Díaz, the name “Plant-Powered” means “Empowered by plants,” Its logo is a rhinoceros because it is a solid and noble animal that does not require more than vegetation as food for its strength.

Their business is of interest to vegan consumers inside and outside the Dominican Republic. The Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MICM) and Prodominicana have encouraged them to begin exporting to Mexico, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

The creation of their products is very much aligned to the future, and climate change needs to prioritize environmental protection with food made from plants of the earth.


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