Suriname: Preparations for technical assistance IDB to Juspol in full swing

Preparations for the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Regional Grant, which will provide technical assistance in the field of security to Suriname, are in full swing. IDB representatives Jason Wilks and Dana King and the Surinamese Technical Team led by security adviser Mark Karg held a follow-up Zoom Meeting on April 12.

Chief Inspector Rachel Deekman of the Suriname Police Corps (KPS) gave a presentation on Suriname’s claims regarding domestic violence and the cooperation between the government and civil society organizations. Chief Inspector Rishi Akkal has also presented an overview of organized crime policies that include human trafficking.

The IDB representatives were very pleased with the presentations and indicated that Suriname serves as an example in the region in the field of organization, legislation and approach to domestic violence and organized crime, the information service of Justice and Police (Juspol) reports in a press release. .

Wilks announced that the bank intends to also involve the European Union (EU) and the US State Department in the technical assistance towards Suriname. Both the EU and the USA can draw on a broad and impressive track record in curbing these crimes. Wilks referred to the Dutch ‘Safe at home’ project which has achieved good results.


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