Suriname: Brunswick announces tough action against brutal crime

Vice President (VP) Ronnie Brunswijk has just said in no uncertain terms that the government will leave nothing to chance to quell the brutal crime. “I have already instructed the Minister of Justice and Police Kenneth Amoksi to act harshly,” said a strict Brunswick. Traffic crime is also a concern for the VP.

He said the police will work with the National Army to tackle the brutalization of crime and more patrols from both units can be expected. “We are not going to accept this showing.” Brunswick also said that the government has an eye and ear for the needs of the people, but asks for patience to solve the poverty issue.

It also worries the VP that the COVID rules are being violated. He asks the community to comply with the measures in order to protect fellow humans.

The flooding in the hinterland is also keeping the government awake. Brunswick says the government took immediate action after taking note of the flood. Furthermore, the Vp would like to see that work is being done on the educational problem in the interior.


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