NYC: Queens ‘Wolverine’ hit with slew of charges for trying to kill BLM protesters: DA

The Queens “Wolverine” who donned a glove of blades as he chased down Black Lives Matter protesters was hit with a 39-count indictment, prosecutors announced Wednesday.

Frank Cavalluzzi, 55, pleaded not guilty in Queens Supreme Court Wednesday to charges that included attempted murder, assault and menacing for the crazed ambush on June 2 in Whitestone. He previously claimed that members of the group had hurled objects at his car.

Cavalluzzi was captured on video jumping out of his SUV and trying to attack the demonstrators while brandishing a device attached to his wrist with four serrated blades protruding like a claw, court papers allege.

“You are in the wrong neighborhood,” he barked at the crowd of roughly a dozen people who were protesting the police killing of George Floyd. “I will kill you.”


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