This zero-waste body wash comes in packaging that dissolves in your shower

Look on the back of your plastic bottle of body wash and the first ingredient you’ll likely see is water—but for a new body wash by personal-care brand Plus, you add the water yourself to a dehydrated square that, once wet, turns into foam. Instead of being packaged in a plastic bottle, that body wash comes in a sachet made of wood pulp that you can drop on the floor of your shower when you’re done. It will completely dissolve down the drain.

“The idea of 100% dissolvable packaging—that you hop in the shower with something and it disappears by the time you’re done getting clean—was something that we felt has the potential to get people really excited about making a better choice in the shower,” says Plus cofounder and CEO Cathryn Woodruff. Woodruff, who previously worked for chickpea pasta company Banza, started Plus with Julie Schott and Brian Bordainick, who together founded skincare company Starface.

Plus aims to solve two main problems with conventional body washes: the environmental costs of shipping water, and single-use plastic packaging. Plus is aimed at consumers who don’t want to use bars of soap for a variety of reasons. Soap bars are also heavier to ship than the Plus sheets, Schott notes, which are “virtually weightless, so it’s like mailing a letter.”


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