Suriname: Interdisciplinary medical law committee installed

The Interdisciplinary Medical Law Commission was installed at the Ministry of Health on April 7 by Health Minister Amar Ramadhin. This committee will, among other things, deal with the new GP training. The University Act must be amended so that the diploma is recognized and anchored to the Medical Professions Act in Suriname.

The adjustment or rewriting of existing education laws is necessary. In addition, new laws, including the BIG Act, will have to be prepared. The BIG Act stands for Professions in Individual Health Care, which specifies rules for health care professions and offers patients protection against inexpert and careless actions. The committee will also make proposals regarding transitional arrangements.

The committee consists of the general practitioners L. Akrum-Jong A Kiem and M. Mohan-Algoe, R. Lala (Ministry of Education, Science and Culture), N. Buyne and S. Powel-Wip (DNA), TF Sanrochman-Kioe A Sen and J. Karmin (Ministry of Health). A second representative from the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture will be added to this committee very shortly.


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