Suriname: Bouva: “Young parliamentarians important for tackling the priorities of young people”

By advocating for youth issues, but also by discussing relevant topics, from climate to education and employment, to transparency and better governance, young parliamentarians can help restore the confidence of young people in particular in governments. So said Melvin Bouva, Chair of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) Forum of Young Parliamentarians, at the second meeting of the Global Young MP Initiative.

The meeting with the theme ‘Transparency, Governance and Trust: How to turn the tide’, was chaired by Bouva and held virtually via Zoom on 7 April. As young representatives of the people, these legislators are uniquely positioned to speak out about the persistent challenges affecting their generation. Through the involvement of the World Bank management team, hands-on exercises with their global counterparts and access to a wide range of development resources, this program represents an extraordinary opportunity for MPs.

“I am very honored to join the efforts of my organization IPU and the World Bank to provide young MPs with a forum to discuss some of the crucial issues in our work and lives as politicians, share knowledge and ideas for our work. and deliver results to gain more confidence and support from young people in our communities, ”said Bouva in his welcoming address.

He further said that young parliamentarians are important actors in understanding and addressing their generation’s priorities through innovative policies and new perspectives. “We parliamentarians play a key role as a link between global goals such as the Paris Agreement or SDGS and their citizens. Global meetings such as these are therefore useful platforms to facilitate collaboration and knowledge exchange between legislators, ”said the assembly member.


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