Jamaica: JLP MP person of interest in viral video fight with woman

The Hanover Police are seeking government lawmaker George Wright as a “person of interest” in a case of assault that occurred in Chester Castle district.

The police confirmed today that Wright, the member of parliament for Westmoreland Central, is the man seen in a video of an altercation, which has since gone viral.

Acting crime officer for Hanover, Detective Inspector Carl Brown, said the legislator, claiming he was attacked, filed a report with the Ramble Police on April 6, the day the incident reportedly occurred.

But, the video, which emerged over the weekend, has painted a different picture, Brown said.

“Wright is saying that he saw her along the roadway, approached her, an argument ensued resulting in a fight and he was basically attacked by her,” said Brown, summarising the complaint from the first time representative for the ruling Jamaica Labour Party (JLP).

But, the policeman said Wright may not have been aware that the fight was being recorded.


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