How to include workers with disabilities in your DEI initiatives

The world’s largest minority group, according to the World Bank—15% of the global population (or 1 billion people)— experiences some form of disability, whether visible or invisible. Establishing the foundation for and maintaining successful diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives starts with including the world’s largest minority group. Businesses can increase their value by taking important steps to ensure members of this population are included in workplaces.

For my inclusive digital agency, I recently spoke with two of my consulting partners on their perspectives, based on their lived experiences, of why disability inclusion is important in workplaces.

Antoine Hunter, an African American, Indigenous choreographer, producer, person with a disability, and advocate for the deaf community, expresses dedication to spreading education on and respect for his peers. “I believe everyone should be a part of something with everyone having a space to learn from each other and respect each other’s differences. [I see] art as having the power to bring people together and the power to heal,” he says.


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