Bahamas: FUTURE-PROOF: Island Luck CEO launches transformative technology group

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Island Luck Chief Executive Officer Sebas Bastian recently announced that he has once again directed his focus towards technological development with the establishment of the WYYSE Technology Group.

Bastian revealed at the latest installment of the OWN Talks series last week that while he has been focused on property development for the past three years, the WYYSE Technology Group was born out of the realization that much of his business success has come from technology.

“We created the WYYSE Group to future-proof this country and the regions we are closely connected to,” said Bastian.

“This new group of companies will launch inclusive but disruptive technology platforms that will transform the way we conduct business, deliver healthcare and even invest in our greatest resource — our human capital — through upskilling.”

Bastian added: “We are building everything from Med-tech to Ed-tech, from e-commerce to logistics. We are developing smart solutions to support government initiatives that apply digitization to bring better and more efficient services to citizens.


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