Suriname: Sampie: “You cannot decide on your own to abolish the NJP elections”

Representative Edgar Sampie, also a former member of the National Youth Parliament (NJP), believes that Minister Rishma Kuldipsingh of Labor, Employment and Youth Affairs (AW and J) should be better informed. In conversation with Suriname Herald, he indicates that the minister cannot take the decision on her own to abolish the NJP elections.

“The minister must understand that everything is laid down by law. Matters about the NJP are laid down by state decree. This should be changed first, ”says Sampie. He is not in favor of the abolition of the NJP elections. According to him, we should look at how we can organize these more cheaply, if the costs of the elections are high.

For example, it could be ascertained whether it is necessary for children from primary school to also vote. In this way, fewer ballot boxes are needed. There are many adjustments that can be made to make the whole thing cheaper. He also indicates that he is looking forward to the investigation report from the Ministry of AW and J, because according to him it could also be that it was budgeted for in the recent elections. He does not rule out the possibility that the elections have cost much more than was necessary due to corruption.


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