Jamaica: The weekend lockdowns do not affect me – May Pen vendor

With the final weekend curfew set to begin on Saturday, May Pen market vendor Blanche Stewart is not worried as she has been faring well since it started two weeks ago.

With a radiant smile on her face, she told The Gleaner, “It doesn’t affect me no time at all, my sweets, ‘cause I am blessed!”

Stewart made no bones about the fact that she enjoys staying at home and took full pleasure in doing just that during the curfew.

The jovial vendor says she stayed on top of the game by adjusting her buying pattern in order not to have extra goods on her hands.

“If I told you I lose, I would be a liar. I don’t lose. I buy what I know can sell off for half of the day and whatsoever leave, like a pound a tomato or suh, I use,” she explained.

For the week leading into the weekend, she is buying just what she thinks can sell off in two days and taking it from there.


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