Resume hanging with immediacy. Elevate gun and drug crimes to the level of treason – punishable by death; handpick a special-ops squad. And while all that is being done, empower communities, particularly their younger, vulnerable residents, to take back control from flesh-hungry criminals.

It is a document of “unpopular decisions”, but Burknell Stewart, now CEO at the Kingston Public Hospital (KPH), believes the resolutions of his crime-abatement and intervention initiative can put a 60 per cent dent in gun murders and bring lasting reprieve for a nation recording close to 400 homicides since January. But that is if the Government bothers to pay the plan any mind.

He is a trained teacher – admittedly not exposed to the rudiments of national security outside the screams from hundreds of gunshot, chop and stab victims his staff has rushed into the Accident and Emergency Unit in recent months – but Stewart, a former football coach, manager, and mentor, stands behind the plan he says puts the interest of ordinary citizens first.


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