GE is developing a COVID-19 detector that can fit inside an iPhone

Is there COVID-19 on this train car? Is there COVID-19 in this restaurant? Is there COVID-19 at this grocery store? Is there COVID-19 . . . in me? These are the questions we’ve been asking ourselves every second of the day over the last year of this pandemic, ever fearful of an invisible enemy that could be floating in the air anywhere.

But soon, we might never have to ask ourselves such questions again. That’s not because vaccines are here to stop COVID-19 in its tracks. That’s because General Electric (GE) is developing a potentially groundbreaking new sensor, which can fit into everyday electronics like smartphones and smart watches, to detect specific viruses or bacteria in the air, on a surface, or on your breath.

And it wouldn’t just work for COVID-19, either. GE’s chip could be optimized to detect a seasonal flu or the next pandemic coming our way, too.


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