Suriname: Government wants to use Surzwam to promote production

The government has plans to deploy the state-owned NV Suriname Heavy Equipment (Surzwam) to promote production within the agricultural sector. Minister Parmanand Sewdien of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries (LVV) says farmers will be facilitated with cheap machine services. “Ultimately we want to lower the cost price for the farmer and further increase the degree of mechanization.” The minister indicated this yesterday, after a meeting with Surzwam at the Cabinet of the President.

“Surzwam has been busy in Wageningen recently. There was a calamity there with the water management and through intervention of the state company we were able to sow a few more hectares of rice there. Surzwam must act as a catalyst to achieve more production increases, ”said the minister.

The government’s intention is to stimulate production increases in order to utilize as many export opportunities as possible. An important requirement is a reasonable price. The minister is hopeful that Surzwam will make an important contribution to this.

“We are going to see how we can join forces to get agricultural development off the ground,” said Pretab Bissumbar, Surzwam’s chairman of the board. His organization has informed the government of the state of affairs.


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