Suriname: CLO chairman Hooghart gives the government an ultimatum

The government is inviting us to talk again in two weeks, but we are giving them time until April 15th. Then we are in deliberation and can take action at any time, says Ronald Hooghart, chairman of the Central National Service Organizations (CLO).

Hooghart indicates that in the past nine months the government has taken more than one hundred million Surinamese dollars from the officials and that is being spent differently. “It is not good to let the working people, the civil servants, like this while doing other things. That money is there, but the government consciously chooses to spend it on other things and not to give the civil servants an increase, ”says Hooghart in conversation with Suriname Herald.

He also says that the government does not want to pay the twk and that is 25 percent of the equality principle. All told, it is more than SRD 100 million that the government is indebted to the civil servants, the CLO chairman notes.

The CLO organized a general meeting of members (GMM) yesterday. The reason for the GMM was to inform the members about the recent talks with the government. During the conversation with the government it was again indicated that there is no money.


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