Jamaica: Ambulance driver charged for ‘stabbing, trying to set fire to nurse’

A man who allegedly stabbed his girlfriend who is believed to be also his child’s mother, several times and then attempted to set her ablaze in Spanish Town, St Catherine late last month, has been charged with major offences stemming from the incident.

Keron Chambers, a 41-year-old ambulance driver from Ensom City, Spanish Town, has been charged with wounding with intent and attempted murder.

It was reported that on the night of March 29, Chambers and his girlfriend, a nurse, had an argument, during which he accused her of being unfaithful to him.

The dispute, which occurred at the women’s workplace at the Spanish Town Infirmary, then escalated.

An enraged Chambers allegedly stabbed her several times and poured gasoline on her body.

He was, however, accosted by staff members at the infirmary before he could set her ablaze.


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