Trinidad & Tobago: Griffith on stop-and-search involving daughter: I’m not interfering

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith said he will not be getting involved in a police matter in which his daughter and son-in-law’s vehicle was stopped and searched by police officers.

Griffith told Loop News that he would not be interfering in the matter concerning his daughter:

‘It would be inappropriate for me to get involved in this matter. I would not have done so had it been anyone else, so I certainly would not interfere in this investigation. Police officers have a job to do. If it is done in an inappropriate or illegal manner, they have options to report it to the PCA (Police Complaints Authority) or the PSB (Professional Standards Bureau) in the TTPS. I would not interfere in such a process.’

Video footage shared online showed T’Shauna Griffith-Bain and her husband standing and waiting while their vehicle was searched after they were asked to pull over. The vehicle’s license plate was also shown in the video.


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