Jamaica: ‘ENDS is the best thing since COVID’

Andre Brown, the e-commerce entrepreneur service provider who onboarded Montego Bay’s pan chicken vendors by creating an e-commerce website for them to effectively operate under the E-commerce National Delivery Solution (ENDS) programme, described last weekend’s roll-out in Montego Bay as “tremendous”and forecast greater global reach for all businesses involved.

“The potential of this programme goes beyond pan chicken men. It’s about opening a new form of commerce to Jamaica but starting it in very small industries and watching it grow,” said Brown, the owner of

Given the scope of his e-commerce platform, Brown said that when the Government introduced ENDS, he took the lead in the execution of the process to help the pan chicken vendors who operate along the Jimmy Cliff Boulevard by providing them with a website so that they could operate during the curfew hours.

He set up the website on behalf of the pan chicken men, which can process and accept orders, plus accept debit or credit payments online.

Speaking with The Gleaner on Saturday during the second of three consecutive weekend lockdowns, Brown credited his technical team who help to manage, dispatch and coordinate the various courier services.


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