Jamaica: Chang pitches ENDS as crime cure

National Security Minister Dr Horace Chang believes that the piloted E-commerce National Delivery Solution (ENDS) linking customers in St Andrew; Portmore, St Catherine; and Montego Bay, St James, with food service providers during the weekend lockdowns will eventually help to lower criminal activity and sustain economic growth.

“There are two aspects to this programme, as in the medium term, what we are looking at is keeping the economy turning. Once there is increased economic activity, it will mean less crime and fewer people on the road where they could get caught up in illegitimate activity,” Chang said yesterday following a meeting with jerk chicken vendors and restaurant operators in Montego Bay, who have signed up with ENDS.

“Keeping the economy going in the face of what is happening is very important, and it does contribute to public order and reducing crime and criminal activity, and that is the first power of this programme,” added Chang.

While acknowledging that the new system will result in some reshuffling of police officers, Chang said that the ENDS programme will allow people to spend more time with their families.


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