Suriname: Levens discusses educational innovations with school leaders and teachers

Minister Marie Levens of Education, Science and Culture (MinOWC) has indicated on several occasions that the traditional sixth grade test will no longer be taken from this year. According to the minister, the Examination Office is busy designing standard test reports, so-called rubrics. This agency will also help train eight (sixth grade) teachers. Minister Levens recently shared this information with school leaders and teachers.

In a press release, the ministry writes that Minister Levens and her staff have good contact with the education field. During the recent visits of the minister to various schools, she indicated that the sixth grade test selected children at a small moment in their lives. The choice is now made for several tests per year, which tell where the child needs more help. “If we test more often in each grade, then we can provide timely assistance so that the child can continue. Those tests, say rehearsals new style, are administered by the Examination Office, ”says Levens.

The education minister has also discussed sitting down. According to her, this is no longer an option, because progress reports are used. “This means that every child has to move forward and not backward. Each child must continue, within their own level and pace, own capacities and own talents. The development / progress of the child is recorded in a progress document. As a result, some children will finish primary school a little faster and others a little slower, but they continue. ”


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