Jamaica: House-to-house searches in Bellas Gate as cops hunt suspect in teacher’s disappearance

A massive inter-parish security operation comprising 75 soldiers and police failed to locate missing schoolteacher Nattalie Dawkins or a fleeing suspect during a search of the Bellas Gate and Connors communities of St Catherine on Sunday.

The two-pronged operation was aimed at searching for the 44-year-old Dawkins, who went missing on Tuesday, and a target who evaded police dragnet on Saturday during an operation in the Bellfield district, St Catherine, in which his accomplice was shot and killed by the security forces.

Both men were seen in possession of the navy blue Toyota Wish motor car owned by Dawkins when the killed one of the suspects in an alleged shoot-out. The dead man is still unidentified.

Commander of Sunday’s operation, Superintendent Steve Brown, said the target was spotted in the Bellas Gate area but ran on seeing the police.

“We gave chase but the person knowing the area better than the police was able to escape,” he stated.


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