Suriname: Brunswick: “Mi e fir ‘bun”

The villages of Wanhatti and Pikin Santi in the Marowijne district now have clean drinking water. The delivery of the production stations took place yesterday. “With the completion of these production stations, the Santokhi government has once again shown that healthy drinking water is a priority for everyone,” says Vice President (VP) Ronnie Brunswijk.

For the time being, cranes are being placed at strategic locations in the village. The 500 households in Wanhatti will receive yard cranes at parts. The villagers find the opening of the production stations special because clean drinking water is of enormous importance and ensures a better living comfort. The inhabitants of the villages have had to do without this for years.

“I am very happy with this day. I have been to the village as a vp before to hear about problems. My message to the entire community is to focus on personal responsibility and ensure that all developments are nurtured, ”said Brunswijk.


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