Jamaica: Ja Council of Churches hits out at violence against females locally

The Jamaica Council of Churches (JCC) has committed to lead by example in an effort to help curb the alarming levels of violence against women and girls in the society.

Additionally, the JCC said it will continue its engagements with programmes aimed at addressing the issue.

“We call on our society to urgently address the ways in which women and girls may be provided with greater protection from physical, psychological and spiritual harm,” said the JCC in a statement, while bemoaning what it described as the “increasing and persistent pattern of violence against women and girls, a recent example being the killing of young Miss Khanice Jackson.”

Jackson, 20, who was from Independence City in Portmore, St Catherine, was an accounting clerk employed in Kingston. She was found dead last Friday morning, having gone missing two days before while on her way to work.

An accused, 50-year-old mechanic Robert Fowler of Portmore, is alleged to have strangled Jackson to death and sexually assaulted her while purportedly taking her to work as he sometimes did in the past.


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