Jamaica: ‘Disrespect!’ Cops highlight poor conditions at checkpoints

Some police personnel manning checkpoints in St Catherine have complained to Loop News about the poor and unsecured state of the facilities they are forced to work from for up to 12 hours each day.

A roving Loop News team that was monitoring compliance during the first of three weekends of lockdown aimed at curtailing the spread of COVID-19 on the island, was in the process of talking with the police officers stationed at the checkpoint at Lakes Pen and Port Henderson roads when they proceeded to vent about the sorry state of the location.

“Please highlight our plight,” one policeman pleaded with our news team as he pointed to the two unkempt tents under which they are forced do everything from taking shelter from the elements, to eating. The two mini tents, which they say have been in place since the now discontinued state of emergency was imposed in the parish of St Catherine in September 2019, are in urgent need of cleaning.

“They (the tents) soon fall down under the weight of the dirt that’s on top of them,” one policeman said sarcastically.

“On top of that there is not a dry spot under the tents whenever it rains and there is a dust nuisance whenever the time is dry,” another said.


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