Cuba: These croquetas in Cuba are explosive. Maker warns about ‘violence’ if not cooked right

Dozens of people in Cuba have complained in recent weeks that croquetas made by a state company are exploding when cooked and causing burns. Cubans have shared images of burned faces — and videos of the croquetas jumping out of hot oil — on social media.

After a multitude of complaints, the state company, Prodal, admitted its croquetas are prone to “violence” and warned customers to prepare them carefully.

“It is a common mistake when frying them. The oil should be about 180 degrees [356 degrees Fahrenheit] the croqueta should be at room temperature and you should not fry many at the same time. In the case of the Croqueta Criolla, they have a denser mass, and they open up with more ‘violence’,” Prodal posted on Twitter.


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