A hybrid office will require new routines. Here’s how to get it right

Businesses across the globe have come a long way in embracing the digital office over the past year, since work-from-home became the standard for nonessential companies. Even before the pandemic, I championed the concept of the “modern” working environment and embraced the hybrid office (half in-office, half remote).

In the new normal, more offices will need to move to a hybrid model, not just to cut down on the number of people in a given space at one time, but because we’re all experiencing the perks of remote work, which is something employees across the board will expect after the threat of the pandemic subsides.

With vaccines becoming more readily available across the country, the prospect of returning to the office is becoming a reality. Many people are anxious and ready to get back into the office in some shape or form. However, we must do it responsibly. We must ensure that we empower workers as they return, as well as those who continue working remotely indefinitely.


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