Suriname: Union leaders must put problems on paper for Minister Somohardjo

Minister Bronto Somohardjo of the Interior (Biza) has agreed with union leaders that they put all their problems and demands on paper. After that, experts in the department will check whether the government has made mistakes. If so, they will be corrected.

The Biza CEO held a meeting on March 30 with union leaders David Bakker of the union at the Environmental Inspectorate, Michael Sallons, of the Workers’ Organization for Public Works and Imro Edam, which has four unions of Public Health under him and the Bond Sluizen and Grinded. Bakker is of the opinion that officials from various ministries are disadvantaged for billions of Surinamese dollars. He is supported in this by Edam and Sallons.

“We have come to the conclusion that we cannot get out of this today. We don’t want to take a decision on such matters so quickly, ”said the minister. According to him, these are not simple matters that can be resolved very quickly. This is a reason for the department management to work out these matters properly in peace and quiet. The minister is prepared to hear from all unions, including those of his department. However, he expects the unions to show sincerity.

Regarding the status of the officials at the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the minister will first sit down with colleague Riad Nurmohamed to find out exactly what the situation is. “As a ministry that directs personnel policy, it is important that Biza is also involved in the discussions with the union and OW.” A follow-up meeting is planned with the OW association.


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