Suriname: Minister Mathoera calls the behavior of arrested soldiers unacceptable

Defense Minister Krishna Mathoera is shocked and disgusted at the arrest of four soldiers. The Department of Defense confirms that a case is under investigation in which four of its military employees are suspected of very serious criminal offenses.

The case was reported to the police, after which the case was transferred to the Military Police, who then detained the suspects.

“The criminal offenses of which they are suspected are very serious and it fills Defense with horror that its employees are part of such serious crimes. This does not fit in at all with the core values, codes of integrity and the behavior that is expected of soldiers. We will in any case suspend these soldiers administratively from office in accordance with the legislation. If the crimes committed are indeed based on the truth, we will not hesitate to apply the most serious disciplinary punishment ”, the minister emphasizes.

Minister Mathoera adds that these kinds of military actions are completely different from the ministry’s policy. Defense regrets this. The minister says that the entire integrity policy will be tightened up in the near future, while awareness will also be raised about core values.


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