St. Vincent & Grenadines: Volcano back into ‘uncertain period’ — expert

The lead scientist monitoring La Soufriere as it enters the fourth month of effusive eruption says that the cessation of the heightened activity last week moves the nation “back into that sort of uncertain period” where it is not clear what the volcano will do next. 

Speaking on VC3’s Round Table Talk on Wednesday, geologist Professor Richard Robertson noted that the   elevated period of activity with the volcano-tectonic (VT) earthquakes had lasted from last week Tuesday to Friday, March 23 to 26.

VT earthquakes are normally associated with underground fractures of the rock mass and are commonly generated by magma pushing through an unyielding rock mass.

“That period of activity has since died away and we have returned essentially, in term of seismic activity, to the activity that we had before that, which are earthquakes which we think are associated with the emplacement, the growth of the dome itself,” Robertson said.

Since December, a new dome has been growing in the crater of the volcano, next to the one left after the 1979 eruption, the last time the volcano erupted explosively.


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