Jamaica: Debate between Church and State is nothing new

The latest measures implemented by the Government to contain the spread of the deadly coronavirus has had some members of Christendom up in arms as they view it as an attack against the Church.

Recently, a St Ann pastor, Peter Chambers, was arrested after he was caught on video lambasting the Government for the new measures that was imposed on the Church as a result of the COVID-19 protocols, and for allegedly uttering words that were deemed threatening.

Camara Rowe, senior pastor of Living Remnant Apostolic Church in St Elizabeth, shared with Family and Religion that the Church and the State being in conflict is really nothing new.

Weighing in on what he refers to as “palaver taking place with relation to protocols set up by the Government of Jamaica”, Rowe said it is affecting every single human on Earth in one way or the other.

“What I find interesting, though, is that many seem to think that this parade of view and/or debate between Church and State is somewhat new and that it may lead to massive worsening of relationships within society and the Church. What is taking place may be healthy for both Church and State as both aspects of this great nation will have to find common ground that both can stand on,” he shared.


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