Suriname: Breaking: Court-martial rejects all exceptions in Bouterse’s resistance case

All exceptions raised in the resistance case of ex-president and ex-army commander Desi Bouterse have just been rejected by the Court Martial. With the rejection of these exceptions, a start can now be made on the substantive treatment of the objection.

The exceptions raised by Bouterse’s counsel, Irvin Kanhai, on November 30, 2020, meant that the summons against his client is null and void. According to Kanhai, the summons, signed by Manro Danning, was as an auditor. He was not authorized to do so, according to Kanhai, because the previous auditor-soldier, Roy Elgin, had been relieved from his position as of January 13, 2020.

The summons was dated December 27, 2019. Kanhai also announced that Danning was appointed as a military judge effective January 13, 2020. On this basis, Kanhai points out that Danning, who signed the subpoena as an auditor, was not an auditor at the time. Because it has been signed in a false capacity, the summons should be declared null and void.

Another objection that was raised in the opposition case was that the Court Martial has no jurisdiction to hear this criminal case. According to him, the Court Martial has not applied the Amnesty Act. Disregarding the Amnesty Law is a competence of a civil judge and not a criminal justice speaker.

The session has been adjourned to April 30 at 9 a.m. Then the main suspect Bouterse will be given the opportunity to speak for himself. He may also bring witnesses. This will have to be communicated to the Court Martial no later than April 15.


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