St. Vincent & Grenadines: Woman steals $40,000 from her 78-y-o grandma’s bank accounts

A 38-year-old Colonarie woman has been remanded to prison until April 13, as Senior Magistrate Rickie Burnett decides her sentence for emptying her 78-year-old grandmother’s bank accounts of EC$40,513.45 in cash.

Nolah Lawrence, a retired caterer, had placed her granddaughter, Nadia Lawrence’s name to her accounts in the event that the older woman fell ill.

But, once Nadia, a security guard, got a taste of the money, she has been making withdrawals “like there is no tomorrow”, according to a caution statement she gave to police.

And now, with a salary of about EC$600 a month and EC$200 in savings at a credit union, Nadia is facing a prospect of a prison sentence either immediately, or if she is unable to pay compensation.

But what Nadia’s grandmother wants is her money back, and it seems that these are the things that will be operating on the senior magistrate’s mind over the next two weeks as he determines his sentence.


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