As pressure mounts on the Andrew Holness administration to respond to recent chilling attacks on women, government backbencher Kerensia Morrison questioned, on Tuesday, discounts of up to 50 per cent on sentences for persons who plead guilty to a crime.

Morrison has the backing of the prime minister and Opposition Leader Mark Golding, which could set the stage for a review of the law, which is bound to provoke lawyers at the criminal Bar who in 2015 hailed the move.

The brutal killing of 20-year-old Khanice Jackson sparked fire in the belly of the first-term parliamentarian on Tuesday as she unleashed with fury.

“Even if there is a reduction in the sentence for pleading guilty, the amount given must be reflective of the nature and the severity of the offense,” Morrison argued, making reference to the Criminal Justice (Administration) (Amendment) Act.

“The law needs to serve as a deterrent. It cannot be that you murder someone, you kill someone, and it is an automatic 50 per cent of the sentence because of a guilty plea,” the St Catherine North Eastern member of parliament further stressed, supported by cries of “No!” and desk-pounding.


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