Hey, Big Tech workers: This campaign wants you to tell your company to lobby for the climate

Out of the 115 lobbyists who work for Amazon, only one has focused on climate change in recent years, despite the fact that the company is working to become carbon neutral, and Jeff Bezos is pouring $10 billion into climate philanthropy.

The other tech giants also aren’t wielding their full political power to push the federal government on climate action. Oil companies, on the other hand, have been spending 10 times as much on climate lobbying as climate advocates. But a new campaign is rallying employees at the largest five tech companies to help shift the balance.

“I think all large companies should be using their influence on pro-climate lobbying,” says Bill Weihl, a former Facebook and Google sustainability leader who founded ClimateVoice, the nonprofit behind the campaign. “But I think Big Tech is in a unique position at the moment. Their market cap is enormous. They have been thriving over the last year in the face of the pandemic. They’re hiring like crazy. And they depend on a young, educated workforce that cares really deeply about this issue. From the point of view of who has influence, they have a lot politically.”


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