You’ll never achieve work-life balance if you don’t know what you’re balancing

If you think you’re “too busy” for something, it’s probably because you’re not great at investing your time.

I’ve spent most of my career thinking about resource management. I started off in finance thinking about money management—budgets, forecasts, and spending analyses. And as my career shifted into product management, the focus became time rather than money. But, compared to money management, time management is relatively underserved.

Go ask someone how they spend their week and you’ll get some hand waving, loose guesses, and lots of uncertainty. Now ask them what they spend on rent or a mortgage every month and you’ll get a crisp number along with a rich set of guidelines for how much that should be based on their financial situation (e.g. the 30% rule!). How should a product manager budget their time? How should a sales leader be spending theirs?


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