Suriname: State passed parent bank

The state had more money in the Surinamese Post Savings Bank (SPSB) than in the Central Bank of Suriname (CBvS). For example, an amount of SRD 600 million was on an account of the state with the SPSB, while the account with the CBvS had an amount of SRD 60 million. In the testimony of ex-governor Robert van Trikt in the case of Ginmardo Kromosoeto, ex-director of SPSB, Van Trikt said that the CBvS was losing income as a result.

Kromosoeto was presented the statements of, among others, the acting director of SPSB, Dharampersad Kalloe, and Van Trikt. Confronted with Van Trikt’s statement, Kromosoeto has indicated that the former Minister of Finance, Gillmore Hoefdraad, was of the opinion that tax should actually be collected. For example, a counter for the SPSB was placed at the Recipient of Import and Excise and at the Tax and Customs Administration itself. These were Hoefdraad’s instructions, Kromosoeto emphasized.

SPSB acting director Kalloe indicated during his interrogation that there was a separate account from the Minister of Finance at the SPSB that was intended for ongoing costs. Faced with this, Kromosoeto explained that it concerned not only resources from the Ministry of Finance, but also resources from the other ministries.


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