Jamaica: MP calls for death penalty for heinous crimes

Member of Parliament for South East St Catherine, Robert Miller has called for harsher punishments such as the death penalty for heinous crimes such as the one committed against 20-year Khanice Jackson, who was abducted and murdered last week.

In a media release, Miller described Jackson’s murder as “horrendous, heinous, and callus” and, while calling for harsher punishments, also urged greater focus on the effective socialisation of boys at the community level.

“Khanice Jackson was a young, ambitious and promising member of this constituency and it filled me with immense sadness to learn of her death,” Miller, who visited Jackson’s family to grieve with them, said.

Khanice Jackson

“As a father, I can only imagine the pain that her parents (as the only child) and family are feeling at this moment. I am aware that the death penalty has not been used in Jamaica since 1988, however, it is my sincere belief that incarceration is not sufficient punishment for such evil acts,” he said, adding that “Criminals who perpetrate such crimes should be made to face the death penalty.”


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