Jamaica: Landlords should ensure water bills are paid to avoid disconnections – NWC

The National Water Commission (NWC) is reminding landlords that they must ensure that water bills attached to their properties are settled on time and in full.

Based on the legal provisions that guide the operations and policy of the NWC, the utility company says bills are not sent in the name of tenants.

Instead, they are directly linked to properties.

This means the water bill would be in the name of the landlord or property owner.

This reminder comes as the NWC continues its disconnection drive.

While trying to recover monies that are owed to the commission, the agency says suggestions have been made for the NWC to take steps against tenants for them to pay outstanding sums.

However, the NWC says this would not be possible since the property and the water bill would not be in the tenants’ names.


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